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Surge Transforms Your Body

High intensity, low impact workout that targets all major muscle groups through a series of challenging sequences, climbs, sprints, side to side, upper body. You will do it all. You become leaner, stronger and more energized. 

Surge Transforms Your Mind

For 45 minutes, it's just you and the bike. Surge created a studio room with technology to allow you to focus on yourself. It's proven it will improve both mental clarity and your mood. Every class is different, no two classes are the same. All you have to do is show up.

Surge Boosts Your Metabolism

During a Surge 45 minute class we work your quads, glutes and core. These bigger muscles tend to burn more calories not just during a workout, but in the hours and days after as well.

Surge Builds Community

We help you find your best self by pushing limits on the bike as well as off. Surge is a sweat shop. Occasional night spot. Community hang out. We are addicted to positivity, 

Just Do It! SURGE ON!

Surge is about community and providing the best training experience for our riders. We offer shoes, cooling towels, locker rooms stacked with essentials, fresh fruit and a comfortable lounge area to hang out in after class. We even provide cocktails on those special days and nights. 

It does not matter if you have never been on a bike, our certified spin instructors will help you set your bike up and make sure you're ready to go. Anyone can ride at Surge.

The battle is just showing up. Your instructor will guide you through the experience, allowing you to focus on whatever you need that day.


NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. All is welcome, come as you are.

We recommend booking your class in advance and showing up at least 10 minutes early for class so we can show you around and get you setup on your bike. Shoes are included in the price. We have everything you need, just show up and rock your ride.


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